hunt.FM #58: “Now On Globe Radio! w/ Guest DJ Eclectik”

this week’s Guest:

DJ Eclectik
( )

Eclectik’s playlist:

1. Gimme No Crack (DJ Eclectik Live Blend) – Shinehead
2. E-Z On Tha Motion – Ghetto Concept
3. Playa’s Ball (Remix) – Outkast
4. I Got A Love – Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
5. Hot Butter Popcorn Break – Q-Tip vs Gang Starr
6. Don’t Believe The Hype – Public Enemy
7. The Choice Is Yours – Black Sheep
8. Saturday Night – Schooly D
9. Set Adrift On Memory Bliss – P.M. Dawn
10. Who Got Da Props – Black Moon
11. Tour vs. Award Tour – Capleton vs. A Tribe Called Quest
12. Jamaican Funk – Michie Mee
13. I Know You Got Soul – Eric B. & Rakim
14. Doowhutchalike – Digital Undergound

Second Set:

1. Happy Deliquentes (DJ Eclectik Mashup) – R Kelly vs. Tres Deliquentes
2. Me Myself & The Front Door (DJ Eclectik Mashup) – Beyonce vs. Main Source
3. Soul Clap – Showbiz & AG
4. Pull Up To The Bumper – Patra
5. Eye Know (The Know It All Mix) / Steely Dan Blend – De La Soul
6. Brooklyn Queens / Steely Dan Blend – 3rd Bass
7. Random – Lady Sovereign
8. Old School – Dizzee Rascal
9. Go On Girl – Roxanne Shante
10. Conductin’ Thangs – Maestro Fresh Wes
11. Concerto In X Minor (DJ Eclectik Drum Blend) – Brand Nubian

10 Responses to hunt.FM #58: “Now On Globe Radio! w/ Guest DJ Eclectik”

  1. Brendorrr says:

    Dope set Eclectik, way to throw it down.

  2. eclectik says:

    thanks yo!

  3. nammer john says:

    chill beats..kickin it with a beer right now
    savin’ my energy for vietnam haha

    these sets similiar to the stuff you play @ hennessy?

  4. dj eclectik says:

    ya mang for sure – plus a whole lot more: funk/soul/motown/80s/90s/rock/breaks/bmore/club . . . whatever it takes to move the eclectik crowd – come check saturdays at hennessey soon!

  5. Murf says:

    Yo DJ E! Phat beats and lyrics, all high spirits!! Keep ‘em comin’ brutha.

  6. JENNO says:

    Yoooooo….your set reminds me of when I use to listen college radio and tape the shows with my ghetto ass ghetto!!!!!!

    You know how sometimes you would run out of empty cassettes to record on (well at least I did) so you have to tape those two empty thingys on the top of the cassette to re-record over? I did that all the TIME!!!!! SHOUTS OUT TO ‘WORLD WIDE RIDE”!!!!!!!!!

    DJ Eclectik….THANK YOU!!!!

  7. DJ All Good says:

    Digging it! Why don’t more DJs spin this kind of music?

    • Josechacko says:

      రవి, కథ బాగుంది. కానీ 2131 దాకా ఆగక్కర్లేదేమో ఆ కథలోని తాత’ మనమే కావొచ్చు. My vision of the fuurte is more cynical Closer to The Stepford Wives’ (or Husbands, for that matter)

  8. Skinnus says:

    SOME Smooth TRACKS from way back a day…
    DROPPED together with some REal HEATers

    UN-Ba-Funkin-lieve-ABLE !!! Thaattts NICE

    Great Pic, Who took it, AAAAHHHhhhhhhh

    thanks for the pick me up

  9. DJay Stan-Groomer says:

    Oh Yaaaa! Memories of Dirty Regina! I remember when this kid was DJ Mix Master Mowbs. Nice Old School.

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