Monthly Archives: November 2007

hunt.FM #10: “Vancouver’s Most Wanted”


this week’s New Music playlist: 1. Take It To The Top – Freeway feat. 50 Cent 2. What Is It – Baby Bash 3. It’s Fo Twenty – Bishop Brigante feat. Nate Dogg 4. Still Will – 50 Cent feat. … Continue reading

hunt.FM #9: “So Fresh, So Kids w/ Guest DJ’s ‘The Freshest Kids’”


this week’s guest DJ’s: The Freshest Kids (DJ Kutcorners, DJ Seko, DJ Marvel, DJ Rico Uno) check them out on Facebook and Myspace Kutcorners’ playlist: 1. So Fresh So Clean (Remix) – Outkast vs Marvin Gaye 2. Crushin’ – … Continue reading

hunt.FM #8: “Let Us Edumacate You”


this week’s New Music playlist: 1. Sensual Seduction – Snoop Dogg 2. Low – Flo Rida 3. K.I.M. (Keep It Movin) – Karma Da Boomerang 4. The Anthem – Pitbull feat. Lil Jon 5. Killa – Cherish feat. Yung … Continue reading

hunt.FM #7: “Happy Birthday DL w/ Guest DJ Goldade”


this week’s guest DJ: DJ Goldade Goldade’s playlist: 1. Ayo Technology – 50 Cent feat. Justin Timberlake 2. Kiss, Kiss – Chris Brown feat. T-Pain 3. Crank Dat – Soulja Boy 4. Pop, Lock And Drop It – … Continue reading

The Hunt.FM Jack-O-Lantern!


I know.. a little late.. but I didn’t get a chance to get this up here until now. If you have any pics of your pumpkin carvings, post ‘em here in the Comments!