hunt.FM #132: “Monster Mash-Up 3.0 w/ Guest DJ Kenya”

this week’s Guest:

DJ Kenya
( / on Facebook / TitoDeville Band )

Kenya’s Monster Mash-Up 3.0 mix playlist:

(also mixed by DJ Knowledj)

1. Ghosts N Stuff Intro (Kenya & Knowledj Edit) – Deadmau5
2. Only Girl In The World (Kenya Edit) – Rihanna
3. Enter Dynamite (Knowledj & Kenya Mashup) – Taio Cruz vs Metallica
4. Like A G6 (Miami Ski Team Remix) – Far East Movement
5. Thriller (Knowledj Mashup) – Michael Jackson
6. Watching The Way I Are (Knowledj Mashup)
7. Low Electro (Vegas Vibes Blend)
8. Phantom Day N Nite (Knowledj Mashup)
9. Nightmare On Electro St. (Kenya Mashup)
10. Nightmare On Electro St. 2 (Kenya Mashup)
11. Nightmare On Electro St (Interlude)
12. Nightmare In Detroit (Kenya Edit)
13. Crank Dat Dragula (DJ Flexx Mashup)
14. Monster Mash Maneater (DJ Flexx Mashup)
15. Twilight (Interlude) – DJ Kenya

Second Set:

16. Stereo Love (Der Hiv Remix / Kenya Edit) – Edward Maya
17. Let The Bass Kick (Knowledj Mashup)
18. Sexy Bitch (Knowledj Halloween Edit)
19. X-Files (Interlude) – DJ Knowledj
20. Rihanna’s Carillon – DJ Kenya
21. Mortal Combat (Interlude) DJ Knowledj
22. Kiss The Beautiful People (Kenya Mashup)
23. This Is Halloween (Knowledj Edit
24. Thou Lollipop (Knowledj Mashup)
25. Nightmare On Elm St. – The Fresh Prince
26. Swollen (Interlude)
27. Stronger Ghosts (Knowledj Mashup)

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    West provided a performance of “Heard ‘Em Say” at St. James Theatre in Auckland, New Zealand on March 17. He wore a glittery Adidas jacket and large sci-fi shades, later pausing to change into a bolero jacket, and a preppy white shirt. The complexity of the live arrangement required a string section, back-up singers, and a disk jockey and featured a surprise guest from fellow rapper Common .

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