hunt.FM #127: “When It Reigns It Pours w/ Guest P.Reign”

this week’s New Music Mix playlist:

1. Faith – K-Os feat. Drake
2. Put It Down – Bun B feat. Drake
3. It’s Been A Pleasure – Bun B feat. Drake
4. Right Above It – Lil Wayne feat. Drake
5. To The Floor – Rich Boy feat. Drake & Lloyd
6. Hot Toddy – Usher feat. Jay Z & Ester Dean

7. Home – D-City feat. Jay Kin, Donna B & Paul Skratch
8. Erase Me – Kid Cudi feat. Kanye West
9. Champagne Life – Ne-Yo
10. Wake Up Everybody – John Legend & The Roots feat. Melanie Fiona

this week’s Guest:

(on MySpace / on Twitter )

P.Reign’s songs played:

1. When I Get Her – P.Reign
2. In My Hood – P.Reign

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