hunt.FM #39: “Scratch N’ Stalk”

this week’s New Music Mix playlist:

1. Universal Mind Control – Common feat. Pharrell
2. Picture Perfect – Chris Brown feat. Bow Wow & Hurricane Chris
3. Sandcastle Disco – Solange feat. Q-Tip
4. Don’t Touch Me – Busta Rhymes feat. Nas, BDK, Lil Wayne, Game, Spliff Star
5. One 2 Many – London
6. Body Talk – City Boi & Jase
7. Nobody – Ne-Yo
8. Get Down – Rick Ross feat. Pharrell
9. Moving Mountains – Usher
10. Ring Tone – Warren G
11. Baby – LL Cool J feat. The Dream
12. Crazy – Trey Songz
13. I’ll Be Lovin U Long Time – Mariah Carey
14. I Got To Get It – Brand New Topic feat. Trey Songz
15. Fall Back – Dear Jayne feat. The Dream
16. My Shoes – Murphy Lee
17. Patron – Sean Garret feat. Pharrell
18. No Matter What – T.I.
19. A Milli (Freestyle) – Chris Brown
20. A Billi (Freestyle) – Jay Z

this week’s Contest:

Old Skool Mystery Set!

the FIRST THREE listeners to call the Listener Line and correctly name all the songs played in this week’s Old Skool Mystery Set will receive one of the following three CD releases courtesy of Universal Music Canada:

i) Soulja Boy – Souljaboytellem.Com

ii) Wu-Tang Clan – 8 Diagrams

iii) Mariah Carey – E=MC2

**Contest is open ALL WEEK from Monday, June 23 – Sunday, June 29**

to qualify:
1) call our toll-free Listener Line at 1-888-9-HUNTFM (486836)
2) after the beep, name all five songs and artists played in this week’s Mystery Set
3) make sure you say your name and contact info (don’t worry, we won’t air that part)
4) win a FREE CD!

7 Responses to hunt.FM #39: “Scratch N’ Stalk”

  1. Jenno says:


  2. JENNO says:

    KARDINAL FEAT AKON ‘DANGEROUS’ produced by VANGUARDS…..ssson!!!! download that sheit off of itunes!!!!!

  3. Alfie says:

    Sorry Hunt and Jenno, I have taken a hip hop hiatus. But I swear I am going to come back with a vengenance and listen till my ear drums bleed those hip hop beats. Props for being rock steady.

  4. Pavel Escobar says:

    Whats happenin Hunt and Jenno !? 250 ClothinG ( Kelowna BC) is in the Building!!! Thanks for The Fresh Beats !!!

  5. Cesar says:

    I thohugt finding this would be so arduous but it’s a breeze!

  6. His father is honest and actually believes in civilian control (or in this case priestly) and won’t give in to the greedy well-connected oportunists. That could get him into trouble in oh so many ways!Part time duty with the Scouts (his preferred duty station) at 12. Some times it can help to be the area COs only son.Fraggers and Heretics R Us among the Scouts. I guess the title carrying character in a novel called ‘The Heretic’ will fit right in!!/Rob

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